MURRAYA Argan Hair Serum & Oil


MURRAYA Argan Hair Serum & Oil

Argan added highly effective hair serum and oil helps to repair extremely damaged & weakened hair, By means of keratine, intensive vitamins and antioxidant properties, it feeds, strengthens cares the hair by voluming.

With its special formula by adding natural argan oil, it helps easy combing of tight and dry hair, and also prevents the frizz of hair, it helps to protect any damages causing by styling instruments like hair dryer, curlers and also by environmental effects like sunrays, winds, and it provides comfortable breathing of the hair.

How to use: After shampooing and conditioning, apply a small quantity to palm of hand and massage gently to towel-dried hair tips and from roots to end and working upwards, Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness, Do not rinse out, it can be applied to dry hair at any time during the day. Avoid applying directly to roots. When regular used. It gives healthy and shiny appearance after applied, you can take a hair dryer for smooth or leave to dry hair for controlling curly hair.

Caution: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact, rinse with water immediately. If you have any know allergies to components, do not use. Store away from heat and sunlight.

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125 ml


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