MURRAYA Argan 2-Phase Conditioner


MURRAYA Argan 2-Phase Conditioner

With It’s pure Argan Oil and extra vitamin complex, Murraya Argan 2-Phase Conditioner supports re-structuring of the hair by helping its endurance. It’s specially formulated for all types of hair.

It helps hair comb easily. To provide care and repair to weak and sensitive hair, to regain strength and endurance excessively damaged hair, to repair damaged hair with split ends, for hair to get rejuvenated by ensuring hair to be softer and shiner, hair to regain the moisture balance hair has and to eliminate dryness due to damages.

 How to use

Shake the products until Murraya 2-Phase Conditioner is mixed well. Spread over uniformly on damp and towel-dried hair by short sprays from 15-20 cm distance. You can comfortably dry and style your hair without missing. Lightly spray on even dry hair for extra shine. It can be used daily.

 Caution: For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact, rinse with water immediately. If you have any know allergies to components, do not use. Store away from heat and sunlight.

Parabens free.

Product Description

175 ml


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