Murraya ClinicWhile today’s medical practices are breaking new ground in the diagnosis of diseases, they have unfortunately remained inadequate in their treatment. This uncertainty has directed people to new quests, and has brought many methods used for centuries such as acupuncture, reflexology, herbal medicines to leech therapy, hypnosis to cupping back to the fore.

This situation has laid the groundwork for uncertainty between patient and physicians, and which method will be more beneficial and how it should be applied has become a subject of discussion. While desperate patients are unable to know what to choose from newly emerging methods, physicians have also become hesitant at the point of application. While some practitioners claim that they can cure all illnesses with acupuncture, some have put their faith in herbal remedies, some in cupping or leech therapy.

In fact, all health professionals who have absorbed the rationale of complementary medicine and who have devoted themselves to this area, must known that each application has its own specific advantages and every method will not cure every disease.

Dr. who responsible for this approaches the human body with a holistic approach and wishes to offer a more effective treatment system to patients according to their needs, has devoted himself to this with medical education. In order to understand the human body and be beneficial to patients seeking cures, for years he has read scientific works, carried out research, and received training from the best experts in the world. With the knowledge gained and the patient practice pursued for many years from his clinic, he has developed a system that offers a holistic treatment approach according to the needs of the patient called RTM. With RTM, whose applications are coordinated on herbal mixtures, have reached cures in many chronic diseases and the uncertainties in existing applications have disappeared.

Here the RTM method will be outlined, and the integrative solution it has brought to medicine will be mentioned with its general principles.

In the RTM system, two mechanisms are put into operation in the shaping of the treatment triad. The first and most importantly of these is the DNA resetting called remember. In the Remember process, phenotypic structures in DNA are removed and the body is returned to its original information.

The other treatment method is the application of regeneration on the other body structures. This option also includes two sections. The first section is the detox approach which includes the cleaning of the body, and the other is the approach which includes the regulation of systems.

According to the RTM system, special herbal mixtures called RTM therapeutics are used to create an effect on the patient DNA codes, body structure and systems. Here for the remember section, mixtures prepared from the seeds of plants are used, whereas for the regeneration section the leaves and above ground sections of the plants are used more.

The share of RTM therapeutics are large in the success of the RTM treatment system. From among these therapeutic products which herbal mixture will be selected and what dosage it will be applied at is entirely dependent on patient anamnesis, examination, and diagnosis method results.

With the RTM method, thanks to the correct RTM therapeutics selected in newly diagnosed or confirmed patients, positive results can be obtained. However in certain conditions, in order to speed up the healing process and relieve the complex situation the patient is in, many various complementary medicine therapies such as acupuncture, cupping, reflexology, bioenergy and ozone therapies which are compatible with RTM. With this approach, the regeneration processes of the body in particular are supported.

In brief, RTM is a diagnosis and treatment approach that acts on modern medical teachings, but approaches the human body in a holistic approach and works with two curative mechanisms of remembering and repairing. Those who wish to learn and apply this integrate medical approach must receive RTM training and become an RTM expert.

Three mechanisms are involved in the formation of new adjustments perceived as disease in the body. These are called the Disease Triad in the RTM system, and consist of three components, contamination of the body, disruption of the systems, and DNA information change. When faced with this, for the treatment of the diseases and return to primary settings, the Treatment Triad of cleaning of the body, regulating of the systems and resetting of DNA is required.

RTM, is a treatment method which uses two important healing mechanisms on the human body(remember)and (regeneration) . RTM approaches the patient in terms of diagnosis and treatment with the body structures described by the patient themselves, delves into the cause of the disease, is interested in the process and plans the treatment.

Quad Body Structure

According to the RTM system, man has four body structures.  The first of these is the Object Body and represents the physical structure of man. This structure is the section of the body that is touched by hand, that is visible with imaging methods such as MR and ultrasound.

The Electrical Body, is our second body structure, and despite being used for diagnostic purposes, its usage in treatment applications is limited. Even though we cannot touch it like the object body, it is possible to see the functions of this body using diagnostic devices such as EEG, ECG, EMG.

Our third body structure is the Energy Body and covers yoga and meditation areas. It is the body area where 7 energy centres called chakra are located. The Energy Channels which tie the body structures together can be identified as our fourth body structure, and the treatment area of acupuncture is related to this body structure.

Physiological Processes and Body Setting Points

Our body is shaped on DNA information. Two main structures are shaped according to the codes in the DNA, these are structural information shaping the body an are functional information providing physical functioning.

While physical values of the body from hair form and eye colour appear from information of DNA, with functional information the body functioning is regulated. In particular functional information are of importance for the vitality of the body. Because this information presents vital values required for life. These values are called vital values or set points. Physiological parameters such as blood pressure, glucose level, cholesterol values, hemogram results, allergic responses are the best examples for this.

Physiopathological Processes and Secondary Adjustments

While our body continues physiological functions with NA information, existing adjustments are changed in the event of being subject to chronic pathogens. In order to sustain life, the body is forced into change, and it carries this out through phenotypic structuring on DNA. This situation causes the formation of new parameters and set points. In the next period, the body is formed based on the new information in DNA. There are now secondary set values for blood pressure, pulse and blood sugar.  As important as the primary values are for survival, the secondary values are just as important for survival. Because the body will only have the ability to maintain vitality under these conditions. The increases perceived as disease is actually composed of adaptive changes of the body.