Our Story

“Enjoy Nature” is our keyword in Murray company.

Murraya ~ natural body care


MURRAYA helps show the world the elegant, strong and feminine woman inside you. MURRAYA provides products that give you confidence. MURRAYA makes all women feel special and glamorous.

The MURRAYA Cosmetics Collection incorporates the power of classic ideas of femininity into an outstanding group of products designed to provide the woman of today with responsible elegance and glamour. Natural, classic and reliable formulas that have proven to be timeless and effective.

We strive for excellence when developing our unique cosmetics formulas, and manufacture and design all of our products in the TURKEY. using the finest natural, safe,organic, and effective ingredients. Every handmade item we offer surpasses strict European performance standards while wearing beautifully on your skin.

Our still life is to be surrounded by natural stuff. Touching smelling looking at, let’s take the power from nature.